Bellavei south africa is a reputed brand that offers natural products for both men and women. It is an advanced anti-ageing system, which consists of four different products for specialized skin treatment. These four products are: Face Cleanser, Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream, Anti-Ageing Complex and Eye Cream. These products when used together form a powerful solution. It nourishes, rejuvenates and repairs the skin from deep within. Here is a brief introduction to the different Bellavei south africa products and how they help skin.

Bellavei Face Cleanser

Throughout the day, dust and pollutants get accumulated on our skin. These react with the sebum secreted by our skin’s oil glands to produce toxins. The toxins are the main reason behind acne, blemishes, blisters and rashes. Bellavei face cleanser gently removes the toxins and purifies it with its natural ingredients. It also gently scrubs the skin. The layer of dead cells is removed, which helps the subsequent products penetrate deep into the skin and work more efficiently. The natural ingredients are gentle on the skin, and will not make it feel unnaturally dry. It is fit for all skin types and has to be used two times a day.

Bellavei Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream

No matter how gentle the cleanser is, some moisture always escapes our skin while washing. This might leave some cells dehydrated and they might die, leaving a layer on the skin that makes it look dull. So the step that immediately follows cleansing is moisturizing. This cream deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin with harmless natural extracts, which leaves it feeling smooth and soft. This is non-greasy in nature and gets absorbed quickly. However, this cream has ingredients that boost collagen levels of the skin. This anti-ageing effect deftly removes wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and dullness.

Bellavei Anti-Ageing Complex

While the Bellavei moisturizing cream offers general and even anti-ageing treatment, it falls short when it comes to severe and deeper damage. For this reason, a special product has been designed. This anti-ageing complex enriched with peptides, vitamins, mineral and natural extracts is one of a kind. This active concentrate provides targeted action on problem areas like wrinkles, crow’s feet and smile lines. It boosts collagen levels, restores pH level and enhances elasticity of the skin. Thus, the skin starts looking visibly younger within a short time.

Bellavei Eye Cream

The skin around the eye is thin and extremely sensitive. After the age of twenty-five, it loses moisture easily and begins to look puffy. This eye cream provides special care to the skin around the eye. It contains moisturizing emollients and natural ingredients. It reduces crow’s feet, strengthens and hydrates the skin around the eye. It also combats moisture loss, puffiness and dark circles. This makes your eyes look brighter.

When these products are used together, they are extremely effective in battling skin problems. This complete four in one package seals your natural beauty and makes your skin look younger for a long time. So ditch painful injections and surgeries. Here is your perfect skincare regimen.

Bellavei South Africa
Bellavei South Africa