Preserve your youth with a radiant skin!

Worried about your aging skin? Are you losing your skin Glow? With Phytoceramides Bellavei you can bid farewell to all your skin problems at once! Made with all natural ingredients, this cream provides a fast and effective method to regain your skin youth. With all the stress and environment pollution, skin health is bound to deteriorate and thus make your skin look older. This affects the confidence of outgoing women to a huge extent. Every woman is concerned about their skin and they should be.

Phytoceramides Bellavei

The signs of an aging skin

Aging of your skin shows many visible signs and thus you can take care of them accordingly. Following are some signs of premature aging of skin:

  • Dark patches appear under your eyes
  • Skin gets wrinkled and becomes loose.
  • Acne and blemishes appear on your skin

Premature aging can be related to stress, pollution and irregular care of skin among other factors.

How does it cure your skin?

Phytoceramides Bellavei penetrates deep into the epidermal layers of skin and starts its cleansing and healing work. This cream contains a perfect mix of ingredients that tightens your skin and hence removes wrinkles. It also prevents dryness of skin and keeps it moisturized all the time. It takes ultimate care of your skin in a natural way and is safe from any side effects.

What is it made of?

Phytoceramides Bellavei is made from  the ingredients that contribute towards a fairer and younger skin, and contains the following:

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well known for its anti-aging properties. It boosts the collagen production thus resulting in a firm and younger looking skin. Also with this Vitamin C boosts the skin defences against the dangerous UV rays that cause intensive damage to your skin. With Vitamin C, your skin remains free of brown spots or any kinds of damage caused by the sun. Vitamin C is also a known antioxidant that prevents the damage caused by the action of free radicals.

  • Arbutin

Arbutin is a common and popular skin brightening agent.  Extracted from bearberry plant, arbutin makes your skin glow, giving you a fairer and fresh look.

  • Primrose oil

Primrose oil is a common treatment ingredient for removing acne and wrinkles.  It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that stop the aging of your skin due to pollution of everyday stress.

  • Shea Butter

Shea Butter acts as a natural way of moisturizing your skin and it also treats sunburns, blemishes and wrinkles on your skin.

The many benefits of Phytoceramides Bellavei
  • Makes your skin relatively fairer and light toned.
  • Removes dark spots that appear under the eyes due to lack of rest.
  • Makes your skin firm, smooth and tight.
  • It keeps your skin hydrated for prolonged periods and moisturizes them giving you a fresh look every time.
  • It is a fast and effective solution that gives you instant and visible results within weeks.

Phytoceramides Bellavei